What prompted your move from the fashion industry to beauty?


I've worked in branding for the last 14 years, and was in the LA fashion world for over a decade. Collaborating with some of the brightest, most inspiring creative talent in the world was truly incredible.  I loved the work so much but also realized that I was equally intrigued by the beauty industry - specifically, skincare.


How did you become involved with Célage Bioscience?

This was a very special moment for me. I was introduced to Dr. Schwartz through a mutual friend. He shared his vision about why skin health is far more important than trying to 'turn back the clock', and he explained why growth factors are so critical to maintaining healthy skin over time.  From that point forward, the light bulb switched on, and I've been excited to help bring Célage Bioscience to life ever since.


Tell us all about your #Skinspiration...

For me, skincare is really personal, because I struggled with ongoing and persistent acne from the age of 12, well into my thirties.  It was serious enough to require 4 (!) rounds of Accutane, which no one should have to endure. Thankfully, with age, better nutrition, and the right products, my skin slowly began to improve.  But for decades, I was incredibly self-conscious and never left the house without full-coverage foundation.  I actually cancelled a first date at the last minute with my now-husband (bless him), because my skin was so inflamed and swollen from a bad breakout - it was terrible.


Four rounds of Accutane?! That sounds serious! How would you describe the state of your skin now?

My skin is combination, but complex: I'm both Asian and Caucasian, so I tend to freckle and experience hyperpigmentation, even with a ton of caution around sun exposure.  I'm also fairly sensitive to certain ingredients in makeup and skincare, so trying a new foundation can either be a treasure hunt or zit city. After streamlining my skincare regimen and incorporating the Celage Treatment System, things have calmed down a lot... and I'm actually looking forward to turning 40 later this year!


Wow! You don't look like you're about to be 40! What do you do to keep your skin healthy?

Thanks!  Besides sunscreen?  I really like microneedling at home, because of the convenience factor.  No surprise, I’m a big fan of the Célage Treatment System and our growth factor serums.  For me, The Treatment Serum really helps reduce any breakout inflammation or redness within my skin, and doing a microneedling treatment the evening before a big meeting or event is one of my favorite things for tighter, smoother skin the following day.  I also love to mask with the Treatment Serum during long-haul flights.  The morning after, my skin is so glowy! I keep a bottle at home and one in my travel bag, so I'm never without it.


And finally, because The Célage Treatment System is designed to be along with your existing skincare routine, what else do you do for your skin?

I’ve been double cleansing - both morning and evening - for over 25 years, and for me, it's a great way to incorporate facial massage, if even just for a few minutes. Increased circulation to the skin, plus relaxation… a total win-win.  Hot water with lemon is something I drink every morning, along with Vital Proteins’ Matcha Collagen. Besides a lot of leafy greens and 7 hours of sleep, I’m helplessly devoted to Cle de Peau concealer, SK-II Treatment Essence and any Japanese sunscreen with serious UVA protection. Seriously, I have about 8 constantly in rotation.  Did I mention that I love skincare?

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