Throughout our lives, the skin we inhabit experiences many different phases, changing over time. In our youth, skin cells are resilient, strong and actively renewing. Over time, due to many factors such as sun damage, sugar intake, environmental pollution and the natural aging process, skin cells devolve to a much slower turnover and become lax.  And while many people think of skin care as a focus on vanity, we’re here to shine a light on the truth: your skin is a living, breathing organ that requires tender, loving care to remain healthy.

Our founder, American board-certified dermatologist, Mitchell Schwartz, MD FAAD developed the Célage Treatment System based on years of experience with mesenchymal growth factors and cytokines in his clinical dermatology practice. Derived from human bone marrow stem cells in a 3X extraction process, these potent growth factors are clinically proven to be the body’s own most effective ingredient for wound healing - the perfect complement to skin rejuvenation treatments like microneedling.  

celage_product_group_4Dr. Schwartz envisioned that these treatments could be available to the at-home consumer, with real affordability and convenience. The first step was to implement microneedles a fraction of the size of those used in professional treatments, finally settling on 0.25mm titanium microneedles - perfect for at-home usage. Then, by increasing the frequency of at-home treatments over an extended period of time, he designed a system in which everyone could tangibly experience improvement to their skin.

Once he knew he had a system created to provide both safety and efficacy, he decided to bring his vision to life. To do so, he enlisted the help of our CEO, former fashion industry creative, Kateigh Williams. Williams’ passion for skin care was born from decades of skin struggles and her journey toward better skin. Together, they were able to build upon Dr. Schwartz’s ideas, and produced a quality Treatment System: an easy-to-use solution for those who simply desire better skin.  

Ultimately, the meeting of these two minds developed Célage Bioscience - A company rooted in the Science of Healthy SkinTM.  We are dedicated to providing advanced skincare products and corresponding education through clinical resources and published data.  For Célage Bioscience, healthy skin means smooth, bright, hydrated, firm and even-toned skin. We believe that great skin is not defined by age, but by these visible and tangible indicators of skin health. Through the Célage Treatment System, we're celebrating healthy skin at every age and every stage of life. 

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